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Considering Co-Hosting or Professional Management?

So, you have Florida vacation rental property that you’re considering using to generate income, and the lucrative short term rental market is the direction you want to go. But have you given much thought into what it takes to manage a short term vacation rental? I mean, REALLY given it thought? It takes more effort than the very passive income of a residential rental, but the bottom line can be...

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Avoid the Avoidable: 5 Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Anyone who has ever owned vacation rental property for a reasonable amount of time, especially in the bright sun and high humidity of Florida, is well aware that maintenance is a thing, and as the old adage says that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, it is even more meaningful as a host. Small things, due to the wear and tear that occurs with our properties,...

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Tips to Maximizing Income on your Gulf Coast Vacation Rental Property

There are several options to choose from these days when it comes to maximizing income on gulf Florida coast vacation rental properties. It is important to set yourself apart from the rest. Are you leaving Income on the table ? Here are some tips on how to maximize income. Professional Photography is a crucial investment and worth every penny. Your photos can mean the difference in several thousands of dollars...

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Tasty Tampa Eats

When I was planning to relocate to the Tampa Bay area back in 2011 from NYC, all my friends and family kept warning me that I won’t find any good food here. Oh boy, were they wrong! To be fair, I haven’t found pizza or bagels that are just as good as I grew up with, but I’ve found some that are very respectable. I have also found a few...

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Thorough Cleaning of Vacation Rental Property Finds Problems: Fix Them Now or When You Deep Clean?

Whether you clean your Florida vacation rental property yourself or have a cleaning service do it for you, you are bound to notice things that could look better while you’re cleaning. Determining if it is something that should be addressed or improved now or if it can wait until you deep clean, is a crucial one. Deep cleans are for cleaning behind appliances, dry cleaning curtains, cleaning baseboards, removing scuff...

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Tips to Avoid Property Suspension on Airbnb

In general, as property managers and owners, we all try to do our best in making sure the guest has the greatest experience possible during their stay. However, these days a false complaint about a bed bug can take you from Super Host to a property suspension. Airbnb is the most difficult platform to work with and does have a very strict star review standard that makes it hard for...

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If You Can’t Stand The Florida Heat, Be Proactive (Your Guests Will Thank You)!

Here in the beautiful Tampa Bay area of Florida, summer is in full swing. And that means high heat, and even worse, high humidity. That humidity can make the already hot days feel even hotter. Fun fact: Tampa has a reputation for being hot, and it is, but did you know the highest recorded temperature in Tampa is only 99°F (37°C)? But the sustained high humidity of our subtropical paradise...

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Why Pay More When You Can Book Direct & Save??

Searching for the perfect Florida vacation rental can be exhausting. In today’s world with a multitude of searching options and booking sites, the planning can get overwhelming and fast! At Vacation Rentals of Florida, we try our best to make your Florida vacation as easy and relaxed as possible from the very beginning. Booking your vacation directly from our website not only saves you money on your stay, but also...

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