There are several options to choose from these days when it comes to maximizing income on gulf Florida coast vacation rental properties. It is important to set yourself apart from the rest. Are you leaving Income on the table ? Here are some tips on how to maximize income.

Professional Photography is a crucial investment and worth every penny. Your photos can mean the difference in several thousands of dollars gained or lost in a year. As potential guests scan available vacation rentals in the Tampa Bay area, they will click on what stands out to them. Bright and colorful pictures win every time and draw the eye in. It is important to show your home’s assets up front in the first five pictures.

Optimize your listing with an accurate description that helps highlight special features of your home and nearby locations (beaches, Busch Gardens, etc.) that may not be shown in pictures. This will set the expectations of the guest as they can picture what they will experience while in your vacation rental.

Room Maximization is crucial. You may find several other homes that are similar to yours, however if you increase the number of beds by just a few, this puts you in another category opening your listing to more searches. Here’s an example…. Your four bedroom St Pete Beach home sleeps eight guests. However, the potential guest never even looked at your property because they need to sleep ten. If you had maximized your sleeping capacity by simply adding a bunk bed or a sleeper sofa, your vacation rental would have been included in this guest’s search. Keep in mind, there are not as many options for large groups as there are for smaller ones.

Furniture and Decor are important factors of your listing. While it is important to have durable furniture to stand up to constant use, it is also important to evoke a sense of luxury in your vacation rental. Guests these days expect a certain standard depending on the price point of the rental. A designer local to the Tampa and St. Pete areas is the best option to put a fresh take or a fun spin on your Gulf Coast vacation rental property to make it stand out from the others. IMPACT is the key word here.

You would be surprised how often a guest makes their choice based on one picture of an appealing space. This can be achieved even on a modest budget based on who you entrust with your vacation rental decor. Even a small refresh to your space can add thousands a year in rental income.