In general, as property managers and owners, we all try to do our best in making sure the guest has the greatest experience possible during their stay. However, these days a false complaint about a bed bug can take you from Super Host to a property suspension. Airbnb is the most difficult platform to work with and does have a very strict star review standard that makes it hard for property owners to succeed. Fact : Did you know that Airbnb can suspend any listing that falls below an average of 4.3 stars out of 5. Even with the best intentions of your guest giving you a 4 out of 5 star rating, it can be detrimental to your rental. To avoid getting a rating of less than 4.5 stars, be sure to follow the three E’s:

EDUCATE YOUR GUEST: Make your guests aware of this unique rating system by placing a Thank you card or note for the guest explaining this star rating system. Also, you may make them aware in your welcome email. If your guests understand this, they will be more inclined to give you a better star rating. This is key to helping uneducated guests understand.

ELEVATE YOUR VACATION RENTAL: Ensure that your property is in top notch condition. Your vacation rental is used much more often than a normal home. This means wear and tear is much more prevalent in a short period of time. Make sure your linens are crisp and clean, appliances operate properly, and your furniture is not broken. Touch up any small items that need attention. A freshly painted wall or a new window blind goes a long way in first impressions of a guest. Generally these small updates or fixes are at a very small cost. FACT: A guest makes their first impression on your home in the first 30 seconds of walking in the door. Also, make sure your entry is clean, free of leaves and cobwebs and the landscaping is manicured. Small details go a long way in visual appeal.

ENSURE YOU HAVE GREAT VENDORS: Even though we as owners or property managers control most things with our properties operations, it is important to have good relationships with vendors that you trust. Your lawn care company, pool company, and pest control companies can also make or break your guests’ stay, which can also lead to a bad review. Make sure to have clear communication with your vendors and always check up on their work to ensure they are taking care of their tasks to your satisfaction. A standard must be upheld that guests demand these days.
If you follow the three E‘s above this will help ensure that your vacation rental property is in top notch operating condition for your guests to enjoy. Having a vacation rental property is a wonderful thing, however it is important to always be in the know if you are managing your property independently or allowing a property management company to handle it all for you. These steps will prevent any headaches and you may avoid any unnecessary property suspensions from Airbnb’s platform.